So why Certifications?

In the Technology field, specially in IT (Information Technology) one can get a competitive advantage and stand out from the rest by showing a proficiency and expertise in a given product or field. This is where certifications come in.

A certification shows not only to current and potential employers that you’ve mastered the skills that it take to do the job but it also distinguishes you amongst your peers. It can also be a matter of pride, you should indeed be proud that you have achieved certification of whatever product and field you’ve decided to go after.

Do certifications help and will I make more money if I have one (or more than one)?

The short answer is YES!

The long answer is also YES!  Certifications absolutely help in a few different ways, and they can also help you earn more money.

Many times, people can get a raise in their current job if they can show to their boss that they are more valuable by having that certification. Additionally, you can usually move up in the IT field and seek new employment that pays more, moving up to bigger and better things.

So, don’t wait any longer and start on your path to a certification today.

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